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Posted on May 31st, 2020 07:55 AM
Essential gardening tools

Nowadays, everyone wants to be a plant mom and have the best garden possible, right? 

Starting a garden is one of the most rewarding things that anyone can do. Floral Plants or a vegetable garden or even both can be benefited by getting your hands a little dirty. If you are new to gardening, it can be difficult and confusing to start. It isn't that mind boggling or complicated, and if you can break your project into small manageable steps, you can easily get into gardening at your own pace. 

Soon, you will see the rewards of your efforts with beautiful views, colourful blooms and delicious fruits. Before we begin and rush into it, there are certain essential gardening tools that you need to get. 

        1. Gloves

Ah, 'but this isn't a mandatory thing', is what everyone would think, but if you are trying to garden with well-manicured hands, we don’t need to tell you the repercussions of the same, do we now? Gloves are one of the basic gardening equipment that have to be durable and not too bulky, especially when working with seeds or transplanting seedlings. Poorly fitted gloves can cause accidents like slipping off or even forming blisters on your hands. Water-resistant fabrics, which are breathable, keep hands cool and comfortable.

        2. Hand trowel

This is one of the essentials used to dig holes, transplant bedding plants, mulch fertilisers, plant containers and remove weeds. It’s better to use a wide one made of hefty steel, as it’s easy to move more soil or to dig up weeds or for moving rocky soil. The handle should be a sturdy wooden one which fits comfortably in your hands. Steel trowels last longer and are more durable.

        3. Pruners

Gardening snobs like us will swear by a certain brand, but all you need is a pruning tool which cuts cleanly through a multitude of stems and doesn’t cramp your hand while doing so. Anvil pruners are the best for dead wood, but can cause crush injuries to fresh green stems and branches. Bypass pruners are better for live plants and green wood. Ratcheting pruners are used by anyone with reduced hand strength or arthritis. These pruners should easily fit in the palm of your hands, and should be sharpened regularly.

        4. Rakes 

There are two kinds of rakes - a leaf rake and a soil rake. A leaf rake has a wide fan shaped head made of metal or bamboo or plastic, and is designed to sweep fallen leaves. A soil rake has a solid metal head with a row of teeth that helps level the soil in a garden, before planting. Adjustable rakes do the job of more than one tool, reaching into narrow areas or gathering large piles of leaves. Steel tines are stronger and may be rougher on delicate lawns than plastic tines.

        5. Hoe

The type of garden that you are planning to have will dictate what type of hoe is best for you. If you are planning for a vegetable garden then you might need a sturdy hoe, but if you have a perennial garden, a more delicate touch is required, and a thinner hoe may be the best fit.Hoes are useful in preparing the garden and flower beds, and also for cutting down weeds.

Look for a comfortable handle with a long reach and a sharp blade, as these types work the best and are easy to use. Weeding hoes, also called hula or stirrup hoes, have an open square head and are pushed back and forth just under the soil surface to cut down top growth. Flat hoes are good for turning the soil in rows in vegetable gardens.

        6. Spade

Spades are short-handled square shovels and they are the workhorses of a garden. They make easy work of digging holes for plants, edging, lifting sod, and moving small mounds of dirt from one area to another.

Spades are used for working in confined areas and are perfect for digging holes for small plants. Instead of a completely flat blade, spades have a dished blade. The curve helps in holding the dirt on the blade as you lift it out of a hole. Generally available with long or short handles, longer handles provide more leverage, but are heavier. Stainless steel heads are strong and won’t rust.

Hope we have educated you on perfect gardening tools that you can start off with ! 


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