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Take Care Tips for Money Plant

Posted on February 4th, 2021 12:02 AM
Money Plant Care Tips

You haven’t had much experience with plants and their gardening. But you still would have heard about the money plant. Every neighbor, relative, a friend is often bringing the first plant home is Money Plant.

What could be the reasons for its everlasting and evergreen popularity? And should you go for it to get one? If you do, is it easy to maintain?

Yes, we’ve got all these answers for you and more! How to take care of money plants?

Does Money Plant need sunlight?

Money plants prefer bright and indirect sunlight. Because direct sunlight harms the leaves and, it may burn. Always try to keep the money plants in a shaded area in your lawns, gardens, or indoors. It would be great for money plant care.

Does the Money plant grow better in soil or water?

There is no problem with money plant to under-grow in soil or water. But keep in mind do not replace it from soiling to water and vice-versa. The money plants growing in water must have soft leaves as compared to ones grown in soil.

How much watering is required to grow the money plant?

Watering will help in growing faster but do not pour a bit much amount of water. Money Plants do not need regular water. It is necessary to let the soil dry between two watering periods.

How to propagate the money plant?

It is pretty easy to propagate the money plant from cuttings. To propagate money plant, get a healthy stem, and cut a 4-6 inch section below the root node. Do remember to keep a few leaves at the top attached. Your cuttings are now ready to be planted, and you can propagate them in the medium of your choice.

Is potting or re-potting necessary for a money plant?

The best way of growing a money plant is by ensuring that it remains root-bound. Initially, must go for a smaller pot so that the roots have room to grow. And if required, you can re-pot it in a bigger one.


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