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Posted on May 31st, 2020 08:05 AM
Easy indoor plants to grow at home

There are a few things that take your house to the next level to figuratively prove that you are an adult, like a bookshelf or an in-house bar, but most importantly, Indoor Plants! 

Yes, that’s how you show the world you are an adult, that you can take care of plants at the very least, if not yourself! But to get into reality, not every Tom, Dick and Harry is a plant expert, and that means not everyone would know how and where to start! 

Worry not! We have come up with a list of easy to grow indoor plants which don’t take up more than your teatime!

        1. The Famous Money Plant

Yes, I’m sure everyone is aware of the plant that is the easiest of all the plants out there to take care of. The best part is that many species of Money plants can be grown in water without any soil. All you have to do is just get a leaf and put it in a simple wine bottle, and voila! it will grow roots and more flowers in no time! And you could gloat in glory that this is one of the easiest ones, because you don’t even have to water them!


        2. Shiny Leaf Zamia

The Zamia is another low maintenance plant which can be kept even in a low light environment. These guys are drought tolerant, which means you can actually water them 2-3 times a week and they will perfectly be fine!  The leaves are lustrous and give off a beautiful feeling of freshness, and they can also be given as a housewarming gift!

        3. The Not-so-Scary Snake Plant

Snake Plant is the common name for the plant Sansevieria, and you don’t have to get freaked out with the name. Snake plant gets its name simply from the thin upright leaves with irregular banding. This plant is another buddy for the beginners, because it can survive with no water for a number of days and hence, is a very low maintenance plant. Even though it's best to keep the snake plant under bright light, it manages to survive even in low light. It actually filters out the toxins in the air so that you can breathe easier! 

        4. Pollen Alert - Peace Lily

Aaah! Now we are coming to the level 2 of the ‘must have plants for beginners’. Congratulations on already having experience at keeping an indoor plant alive! This Peace Lily might require a little more attention compared to the previous ones, meaning, its soil must be moist without being over watered. It also needs a light and shady spot. This plant can be kept in the bedroom, as unlike other plants, it produces oxygen in the night! 

        5. The Feng Shui Plant - Syngonium

The Syngonium is not only an air purifying plant, but is also known as the Feng Shui plant. The shape of its leaf represents the 5 elements of nature that provide a perfect balance of yin and yang! It doesn’t need too much care, but it should never be kept in direct sunlight even though it needs bright light. It’s also best to allow the soil to slightly dry out between watering during the winter season.

I’m sure these are like easy-peasy indoor plants that any beginner can start off with, right?  All you have to do is water them and take care of them like they are your pets! Also, now you all are officially ready to be adulting!


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