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Posted on May 31st, 2020 08:10 AM
importance of bedroom plants

We have seen loads of people complain about stress and insomnia, which keeps them from getting enough rest. If you have also been tossing and turning all night without a good sleep, you have to blame it on your bedroom! Plus, we all know that sleep is an essential part of human being and the fancy way of saying it is ‘Catching enough zzz’s is very very important to stay sane’. As Dalai Lama says, sleep is the best medication. 

There are tons of medications available for insomnia, but is it worth taking them when you can just add a few living plants and then see all your problems solved forever

Plants have been known to bring a calm feeling to people around them. Not only are they beautiful, but they also bring a ton of great energy. Most plants reside outdoors, but luckily, a good number of them grow well together with us.

People are picking plants over antidepressants. Keeping plants in the bedroom can be extremely calming. They can improve concentration, clean out the air and boost your mood! 

NASA conducted a clean air study and determined that common houseplants clear off household chemicals by purifying the air, which is a great reason to keep them inside the house! 

        1. Snake Plant / Sansevieria 

These plants have upright dramatic leaves which are sword-like and are also known as the ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’. Its leaves are quite tough and it is a good bedroom plant because it emits oxygen at night, removing toxins. They need indirect sunlight and need to be watered only when their soil becomes dry. Apparently, they can live for decades if kept in the right conditions. 

        2. Lavender

It's said that the smell of lavender can lower blood pressure and heart rate. Even though it's not an indoor plant, lavender can survive if there is direct bright light for a few hours every day ! If it is over-watered, it will rot. You will sleep like a baby with these plants around the bed room!

        3. Spider Plant / Chlorophytum comosum

Your mom or grandma might have grown them in the 70’s. They are still worthy of a place in any house today. The striped leaves arch from the centre, and eventually, the plant produces oodles of baby Spider Plants. They purify the air around just like the snake plant. If you’re worried about making the air around cleaner and improving your nightly rests, well, the spider plant will be a good fit. If you like hanging plants, look no more, because it looks great when suspended, and is like a superhero in a basket.

        4. Weeping fig 

No, no, don’t let the name fool you, because you won't cry if you buy this beauty! It's one of the best plants for the bedroom as it grows very slowly, so you won't have to worry about them taking over the room. Just make sure they are kept in one place as they are temperamental, and they will shed leaves (tears) if they are moved too often.

        5. Rubber Plant

This is also a relative of the weeping fig and they are both of the fig species. The rubber plant has very similar air filtering properties. We love its look and how simple this plant is. It will help you sleep well, but won’t overpower your decor if lots of green isn’t what you’re looking for.

        6. Aloe vera 

This is the superset succulent, as it is used as treatment for cold sores and burns. Even Cleopatra used it in her beauty ritual. It also made it into NASA’s list of air-filtering plants. It’s a long-living plant that has been known to survive up to 100 years in the wild. Given all these things, it’s an excellent plant for your bedroom!

So hope you all are motivated to at least get a few bedroom plants to sleep like a baby ! 


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