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About Us

“Plant smiles, grow laughter and eat cake”



Hello! My name is Vikash, a self-taught baker, green lover and a designer by education.

The Yellow Pumpkin is a fusion of all my passions merged into one, it’s a space for me to celebrate, explore and share my journey with you. It all began when I was just a kid, my oldest memories of my childhood are that of huddling next to my mother in our tiny kitchen, while the other kids played outdoors. But I was hooked, and so my culinary journey began, I started taking charge of the kitchen independently, while my mother was away attending to the family business. Gradually, I began experimenting, trying out new recipes, baking in rather ill-equipped instruments, calling our friends and neighbours for impromptu tasting sessions at home. Then came my Terrace Garden full of herbs and vegetables, which I dearly loved and spent much time tending to, it meant easy access to fresh ingredients for my recipes at all times.

To everyone’s surprise, I decided to pursue a degree in design, I was drawn to fashion as a starry-eyed teenage boy and over the course of next 8 years I spent designing for some of the leading retail brands. When my job situation unexpectedly changed, I found myself wondering if, instead of going to get another “real” job, I could instead begin a new chapter.

And, so "The Yellow Pumpkin" was born.



At The Yellow Pumpkin, we want to help bring the joy of gardening to anyone and everyone.

If you wish you had a garden, but are stuck living the apartment life, The Yellow Pumpkin will put your idle green thumb to good use. We deliver a wide array of green friends already potted and ready to thrive. Our leafy green offerings range from ornamental to air purifying plants and assortments of tiny succulents complete with trendy ceramic and metal pots that are perfect for your home or gifting.



We are passionate home bakers who love an honest approach to baking.

Our curated selection of recipes covers everything from cakes to cookies, inspired by changing seasons; most of them brought to life after a spontaneous, fun day experimenting in the kitchen, along with comforting classics in traditional techniques.

We love fresh ingredients and ensure only the carefully picked, best ones go in while developing our recipes.

Look no further, to get your daily fix of delicious desserts.

“A joy that’s shared is a joy made double”
Love our recipes? You can bake them too!! Stay tuned to get details of our next Baking Workshop.



Since its founding, The Yellow Pumpkin has been committed to sourcing and manufacturing locally when possible. Engaging local artists, promoting handcrafted and handmade products, reducing plastic materials and building sustainability in our products and packaging is of great importance to us.

We are constantly looking out for like-minded thinkers and businesses to collaborate and join us on our journey to sustainability.


Every time you choose us and make a purchase, a small percentage of the proceeds go to Child Welfare NGO’s that we are partnering with, to provide basic requirements for child development, education, nutrition and health care.

The Yellow Pumpkin is dedicated to making our community and earth a better place one step at a time.


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