Dracaena - Milkyway In Handcrafted Ceramic Planter

SKU: YP004
Looks as if the plant is giving it's own light...it so Bright! Dracaena also known as Japanese Bamboo an evergreen wood Plant. This beautiful leaf plant has a pretty name Milky way coz on the leaves there are small dots scattered like stars on the galaxy. This attractive fresh green leaves are guaranteed to brighten any Space!

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- Estimated Handling Time: 7 days

Low maintenance plant ideal for office, corridors, bathrooms, living room corners that don't get much of natural light. This plant is great of minimalist Interiors.

A multi colored  ceramic pot with sleek and modern finish soothes the look as Milky way

Pot Details:
Size: 4.0 x 3.8 inches

Color: Multi color decoupage
Material: Ceramic

*** Plant size may vary ***

Tips and Care for Dracaena Plant:

  • Light: It can adapt to low light but does better in medium to indirect bright light.
  • Water: Water only when top soil is dry.Keep them hydrated by misting the leaves.
  • Temperature: It can tolerate low temperature.
  • Soil: Any good quality Pot-o- mix available for house plants will do.

Handcrafted           Made In India


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