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  • Haworthia Limifolia - Fairy Washboard
  • Haworthia Limifolia - Fairy Washboard
  • Haworthia Limifolia - Fairy Washboard

Haworthia Limifolia - Fairy Washboard

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These cute and charming succulents, very rarely growing bigger than a bowl, make for a beautiful sight when grown bunched up with other smaller succulents, or if you want to go for a cuter looks, you can grow these small fellas in teacups and other small containers. Get lost in the dizzying effect it creates with its ridged curvy leaves.

Country of Origin: India
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Featuring a rosette of triangular leaves with distinct ridges, with the distinct ridges resembling the texture of a washboard, this plant has the common name – Fairies Washboard.

Tips and Care for Fairy Washboard:
  • Light - Low Indoor Light or Partial Sun. Best grown in bright light
  • Water - Water lightly after soil dries out completely.
  • Temperature - Moderately warm to hot
  • Soil - Fast-draining soil. Always use a pot with a drainage hole.

LOCAL DELIVERY: This plant is available for local delivery in the Bengaluru City only.


1. Plant Size / Height / Shape may vary from the picture.

2. This product is not eligible for return and cash on delivery.

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4. Dispatched in a maximum of 7 working days.

5. What do they include? - Succulent in a nursery grown terra cotta pot.

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