Zamia Plant in nursery grown black plastic pot

The ZZ plant has plump leaves that look luscious and dewy in light, which makes for an attractive sight when placed on desks. With the basic black nursery pot, this plant is a must-have for people who want to go down the path of having an indoor jungle. The leaves store water, which is why the plant can often be subject to over-watering, but does well during droughts and places where frequent watering is not always easy. The dark green color is an indication that they absorb light from even a minimum of sources. These features make them perfect for indoor use.

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- Estimated Handling Time: 7 days

Tips to care for the Zamia -

  • Light - Bright indirect light. Limit direct sunlight.

  • Water -  Allow the soil to become dry at the top to the touch between watering and do not over water.

  • Temperature - Tropical heat  to moderately cold

  • Soil - Well-drained potting soil.  

Nursery Plastic Pot:

Pot Details -

Size - 18 x 15

Color - Black

Material - Plastic


1. Plant Size / Height may vary from the picture.

2. This product is not eligible for return and cash on delivery.

3. Order cancellation requests will be taken strictly within 24 hours of placing the order.

4. Dispatched in a maximum of 7 working days.

5. What do they include? - Zamia plant in a black nursery pot.

Handcrafted           Made In India


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